2011 R Class Redesign is Here! Arctic White R350 Window Sticker Reviewed

Here it is! The first 2011 R class we’ve received at Feldmann Imports. This is the redesigned R class with a more upright front grille (a nod to the SLS AMG and a stylilng cue you’ll see across all MB products soon), different front and rear lights, a new wheel design, in fact, there are many changes to the new 2011 R class.

This is a very well equipped car, so well equipped, that instead of trying to list all the features here, I’ve just included a jpg of the original window sticker / option list of this particular vehicle. It’s nice to finally see Mercedes calling the R class a “Cross Over” as opposed to a ‘wagon’ or ‘SUV’. It’s suffered a bit because nobody is sure how to categorize it, but to those who have them, whatever you want to call them is fine. They’re one of the roomiest, most comfortable people movers Mercedes-Benz makes.

They’re available now and will continue to arrive into our regular stock. Call today for availibility.

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