Mercedes Announces $1,500 Available Conquest Cash to Current Audi Owners

This is an interesting program from Mercedes-Benz and the first time I recall seeing MB leveling their sights on their rivals in Ingolstadt, Audi. There have been a handful of Audis in my family over the years… my brother and dad with A4s, my mother in an A6 wagon. They make nice cars that handle well in all seasonal conditions, but you can really feel a difference between an Audi and a Mercedes-Benz once you’re in the driver’s seat. Mercedes-Benz is attemtping to win over some Audi owners by, well, to put it bluntly, throwing money at them.

Mercedes-Benz announced a limited number of “Audi Conquest” cash vouchers that each Mercedes-Benz dealership will be given in order to secure additional discounts for current owners of Audi vehicles when purchasing or leasing a new Mercedes-Benz vehicle during the month of August 2010.

This is how it works…

$1,000 Audi Conquest Cash is available with a lease, finance, or cash transaction of any new MY 2010 and MY 2011 vehicle sale between August 3, 2010 and August 31, 2010.

Additional $500 Conquest Cash is available if a customer leases or finances any new MY 2010 or MY 2011 vehicle through Mercedes-Benz Financial.

So, if you buy or lease or pay cash you get $1000, if you buy or lease through MBF you get an additional $500 for a total of $1,500 possible cash. The offer can’t be combined with any special demo, fleet, or Ambassador¬†deals, just regular retail transactions.

You don’t have to trade in your Audi or anything, but you will need to present a current registration card showing your ownership of the Audi vehicle. So if you’re current Audi lease is up soon or if you want to hand that old A4 off to your son or daughter headed off to college in the Fall it’s high time to save some money on a new Mercedes-Benz.

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