Mercedes Benz Special APR – New Car Finance Specials August 2010

Finance specials for new Mercedes Benz cars and SUVs during the month of August have arrived!  Here is a breakdown of the available APR finance rates on new 2010 / 2011 models during the month of August 2010.


  • S class has 2.9% allt he way out to 66 months, that never happens. Feldmann Imports is also offering BIG discounts on our remaining 2010 S class cars, I’m talking BIG $10,000+ discounts!
  • C class still has 1.9% APR available for a short term finance contract of 36 months, go all the way to 66 months with just 2.9% APR

1.9% up to 66 months
R class (R350 gas) 

1.9% up to 36 months
E class (E350 & E550 Sedans)

1.9% up to 36 months and 2.9% up to 66 months

C class (C300 & C350)

1.9% up to 36 months and 3.9% up to 66 months
SLK class (SLK300 & SLK350)
GLK class (GLK 350) 

1.9% up to 36 months and 2.9% up to 66 months
S class (S400 Hybrid & S550)

1.9% up to 36 months and 4.9% up to 66 months
CLS class (CLS 550)
M class (ML350 gas & BlueTEC diesel)
GL class (All GL models)

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