BMW 650i Coupe Just 21,000 miles Just Traded In This Afternoon

Land shark, ready to attack.

This is a 2007 BMW 650i that was just traded in this afternoon for a new Mercedes-Benz. I drove this car today and, as expected, is awesome! The best part? It’s got just 21,000 miles on its odometer. this car was stored by its owner during the Winter months in Minnesota, so it hasn’t been driven in the snow or salt, not that you’d get very far in such a powerful rear wheel drive car in the snow anyway.

It’s loaded with options, including the heads up display which projects your speed as a digital read out on the lower part of the windsheild as you’re driving so you don’t have to look down to the gauges to see how fast you’re going when you see that speed trap!

Silver with black interior, it’s in immaculate condition. Priced right to sell fast, just $44,995. Feldmann Imports Stock# M9210A.

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