Turn Back the Clock: Classic Tobin Photo of a Classic 1967 MGB Roadster Project Discovered!

The Tobin brothers with 1967 MGB Roadster, circa 1984.

This photo recently surfaced from the Tobin Automotive Archives, while not a Mercedes, it speaks to the car enthusiast in all of us. This photo has been in storage for many years, I don’t remember the photo ever being taken. It finally resurfaced, I thought I’d share it here.

In the mid 1980s my father found an old, non running, 1967 MGB roadster for sale. We packed up the station wagon and set off to push it out of a garage in Wyoming, Ohio and tow it back home.

This is a photos of my brother and me with the car after pushing it out of the garage where it had sat dormant for a long time, long enough for mice to chew the electrica wiring and have many generations of offspring, we found mice nests, dead, and living mice in the car.

This was one of those cars that comes home as a project, and after some toiling and disassembly, we realized it was in worse shape than originally thought. It had been subject to some very shoddy previous repairs, lots of bodywork (Bondo all over the place as I recall). So it left our garage in even more pieces in which it arrived a couple of years later. It was fun while it lasted. I was excited to polish the carburetors… which I did, they shined like silver when I was done with them.

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