Classic Mercedes Category Added to Dave Knows Cars Blog!

I’m really excited about this new category on the Dave Knows Cars blog. It’s dedicated to vintage, classic and what the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center has recently dubbed, ‘Young Classics’. It will be the last category listed under the “Testimonials” section in the middle, towards the bottom of the page.

What sorts of cars will we concentrate on here? Let’s say anything older than about mid 1990s. Many of these cars are amazingly affordable, you’d be surprised how many options you’ve got under $10,000… and I’m talking about cars with lots of life left in them, say, a nice convertible that can serve you well for many years and miles to come. Many of these cars are as affordable as they’ve ever been and many of them represent incredible values in today’s market.

Rare in the U.S.: 1980 Mercedes-Benz 280 SL w/ 4 speed manual transmission, European model imported during the 1980's 'Grey Market' Era.

Cars featured here will generally be those cars we might use on the weekends, for fun and leisure, that car you may take to the coffee shop on those beautiful Saturday mornings in the Spring, where the drive itself is really the destination, you just need an excuse to take it out of the garage and fire it up. These sorts of cars are perfect for Mercedes-Benz Club events, rallies and tours.

Cars like older R107 generation SL models (like the one pictured above) or one of theĀ  coupes that have always been such sought after cars by Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts… maybe even that old diesel wagon that’s got 300,000 miles but is still in great shape and is used for the occasional Home Depot run.

Who doesn't needs one of these? Late 1960s 200 series "Fin Tail" a super cool weekend cruiser!

I would like to make this a place for both buyers and sellers of cars. Are you looking for something in particular? Drop me a line and I can post your wants / needs for you, maybe another reader has what you’re looking for or knows someone who does. Are you ready to pass your vintage Mercedes on to a new owner? Let me know and I will create a post with a photo and your description… classified style.

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