I Just Renewed My Mercedes-Benz Club Membership and Why YOU Should Join Today

I just renewed my Mercedes-Benz Club membership last night. While I’ve been going year by year I finally decided to re-up for three year in advance. The Mercedes-Benz Club, and any car club for that matter, is one of the best resources for an owner of that brand. As I’ve said before, most of the guys I know in the Mercedes-Benz Club Twin Cities Section have probably already forgotten more than I will ever know about Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Link to the nation MB Club : www.mbca.org – Link to the Twin Cities Section MB Club: www.mbca-tc.org

People often think the club is just for people with old Mercedes-Benz vehicles. While a lot of members have older Mercedes, many club members have multiple cars, some new, some old. Some people don’t have a Mercedes yet, perhaps their looking, maybe they joined to tap intot he vast knowledge base of the club and it’s membership.

People at work, customers, always ask what to they get if they join? It’s $45 for a year long membership. The key is joining the club early, as if you’ve been a member in good standing for 12 consecutive months and you buy a new Mercedes-Benz from a franchised dealer you are eligible to receive a $1500 gift card from Mercedes-Benz good at any Mercedes-Benz dealer service or parts department or for anything from the Mercedes-Benz Collection (the big gift shop / catalog full of MB merchandise). If you buy a Pre Owned Mercedes from a Mercedes-Benz dealer you are eligible for a $750 gift card.

In addition to all that money you get a subscription to the national Mercedes-Benz Club publication “The Star” magazine, and it’s a real magazine, published quarterly, covering Mercedes-Benz care, activities, new models, old models, all sorts of stuff. You’ll also get your regional newsletter. I recently took over editor responsibilities for the Twin Cities section newsletter, “The Northern Star”. It’s got local event news, tech articles, classifieds, the local club calendar and other info for our local members.

You don’t have to do anything once you’re a member, you can be as involved as you want to be. Some people just join to get the publications and loyalty program gift cards which is fine, but it can be a lot of fun to come out to a car show or two in the Summer time or a social event throughout the year.

I’ve pasted a bunch of stuff from the national Mercedes-Benz Club website below “Benefits of MB Club membership” there are links to more info for each section.

People always seem to be focused on what they get for joining… I would adjust JFK’s famous line and say… “Ask not what your car club can do for you, but what you can do for your car club.” In the end, it’s the PEOPLE behind a car club that make it what it is, not the cars. The cars are the initial common draw to the organization, but as you get to know people and make friends, it becomes clear that it’s the people and friends you make that keep you coming back. 

SLs at the Twin Cities Section MBCA German Car Fest 2010.

As a member of MBCA, you will be able to attend all sorts of events from car shows and concours to driving schools and rallies. For the social butterflies, you can enjoy events like wine tours, holiday parties, music theater and barbeques. National events include StarFest, Trips to Germany, StarTech, Concours d’Elegance, Tri-O-Rama, and more.more

As a member, you may be eligible to receive a gift card valued up to $1,500 toward parts, service, personal accessories, or vehicle accessories at any Mercedes-Benz dealer. Eligibility is based on the purchase or lease of a new or pre-owned Mercedes-Benz vehicle from an authorized U.S. Mercedes-Benz dealership or the purchase of any pre-owned Mercedes-Benz vehicle from a licensed independent dealer and your membership (of at least one year) in MBCA.2009

Your membership includes a subscription to our bi-monthly national magazine, The Star. Each issue is packed with in-depth information including news from Mercedes-Benz USA, club events, articles on restorations, and new-car road tests. There’s also an expansive classified section, as well as advertisements from those providing products and services for your Mercedes. Combined with its beautiful photography and rich, glossy look, The Star is the kind of magazine you’ll not just read once, but one you will treasure for years to come.more

Mercedes-Benz Quality & Service
Because MBCA continues to receive letters from its members concerning quality and service issues with recent Mercedes-Benz models, the club has developed a special resolution process for its members. more

At least yearly, MBCA holds a raffle for members.  Members purchase tickets for a chance to win great prizes.more

After joining, most sections will provide a local section newsletter, informing you of the ?local events and meetings where you can share experiences with other like-minded enthusiasts. Programs include new-car introductions, technical meetings, tours, car shows, defensive driving courses and timed driving events.

Besides becoming a member as a whole, you may also choose to participate in many of the individual groups within the MBCA. Enthusiasts groups range from the Gull Wing and Ponton groups to the SL and W124 groups, and many more. The choice is yours!more

Members are given the ability to ask questions or have discussions on a wide variety of topics from technical questions to general discussions or vintage talks. Club members can be helpful on a wide range of topics.more

Members are allowed two free ads per month both online and in The Star magazine. Ads online will appear as soon as they are approved. The Star ads are pulled a month before print.more

The club’s technical director is available to assist members with their technical questions. He is furnished with technical manuals and bulletins from MBNA. If he is unable to answer a specific question, he will request assistance from the technical staff of MBNA.

MBCA also has reprints of articles from The Star magazine, local section newsletters, and articles written for the web Technical Library. more

Some Mercedes-Benz dealers and vendors have chosen to offer discounts to members. It never hurts to ask when making purchases. Just make sure you have your membership card handy.

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