Mercedes Benz Loyalty Accelerator Program Explained

The Loyalty Accelerator Program from Mercedes-Benz has been availble, on and off, for the past couple of years. It does a couple of things, for the customer and, frankly, for Mercedes-Benz.

The program basically allows Mercedes-Benz to waive 3 to 5 payments on a current lease contract to help an existing customer take advantage of a lease program or lease rates now, or maybe you’re auto needs have changed… you’ve had a new baby and need to get out of your C class lease and into an ML, or your last child is off to college and you want to move from a GL to an E class. This program can help a customer do those sorts of things without having to wait for the end of a lease to make it financially viable.

It helps Mercedes-Benz keep customers in their vehicles… Mercedes waives the lease disposition fee (turn in fee) if you lease another new Mercedes, that’s attractive to any customer. It also never gives a customer a chance to be tempted to get to the end of their lease and start shopping all over the place for a different make. Who would want to do that anyway?

Through the end of June Mercedes-Benz will waive three or five payments on your current lease, depending upon the model, if you lease or purchase any new 2009, 2010 or 2011 Mercedes-Benz vehicle.
Mercedes-Benz will actually waive these payments. These payments aren’t ‘wrapped into’ a new lease, they simply disappear if you lease or purchase any new 2009, 2010, or 2011 Mercedes-Benz vehicle  (except SLS AMG) .

Here are the parameters based on Mercedes-Benz model through the end of June:

5 Payment Loyalty Accelerator
Maturing From Any:
C Class
E Class
CLK Class
SLK Class

3 Payment Loyalty Accelerator
Maturing from any:
M Class
R Class
S Class
CL Class
SL Class
CLS Class
GL Class
G Class

It’s a solid program that I would guess 75% of repeat customers take  advantage of. We try to make it easy, when someone comes in and see the next new car they want and they’re close to the end of their lease, we can usually make it happen for them, and with the Loyalty Accelerator Program, it can be done in such a way that it makes financial sense for the customer.

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