Safety Fast! Mercedes Benz E550 4matic Driver Assist Package

Safety Fast! was an old MG ad tagline from the 1950s… it holds true today with this almost 400 HP E class, read on…

This new 2010 Mercedes-Benz E550 4matic just arrived and is very nicely equipped. This car has the Premium 1 Package (P1 Package), the Sport Package giving yuo the upgraded AMG wheels, and Parktronic, the rare Drive Dynamic Multi Contour driver’s seat, but what really sets this car apart is the not too often seen “Driver Assist Package”.

The barely visible clear plastic square in the middle of the grille is part of the DISTRONIC PLUS feature.

This is the newest package from Mercedes-Benz incorporating a doppler radar system for the DISTRONIC Plus cruise control, it also has the new PRE-SAFE BRAKE option which helps stop the car in case of an impending collision when you haven’t applied the brake yourself. It also includes Blind Spot Assist which consists of lights in your mirrors that alert you if someone is in your blind spots. Lastly, Lane Keeping Assist is included ni this package. This feature incorporates a windsheild mounted camera that watches the lane lines you’re driving in, if you veer into another lane or across a solid line on teh side of the road the steering wheel will actually vibrate in your hands, a bit like hitting rumble strips on a highway construction zone.

I had a customer trade in his 2007 E350 that he bought from me last year when the new E class came out because he wanted this Driver Asssit Package. He drives long distances between the Twin Cities and different places in the Dakotas almost every week and felt he’d be safer with these new E class options. “I’ve never fallen asleep at the wheel” he said, “but I’d rather have this stuff on the car, I feel safer.” 

This specific car is available today at Feldmann Imports, stock# M9520. MSRP for this car is $70,035. Certainly not pocket change, but what’s your safety and well being worth?

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