Between Blog and Sales Person Mercedes C Class Lease Customer “Couldn’t ask for a better experience”

I met this very nice lady several months ago while I was working on the show floor one Saturday afternoon. She had a lot of questions about leasing a C class, the pros and cons, if it was right for her or not. She had never leased before. We had a very good conversation and as she was leaving I mentioned an article I had recently written about leasing for the dave knows cars blog. We didn’t even test drive a car, she just asked some questions.

This past weekend the same lady came into the dealership asking for me. After more reasearch and after reading my follow up article to the original lease posting on the blog, she had decided a lease was right for her. The C class was right for her too, we just needed to find her the right car to replace her Saturn wagon, quite a change!

My colleague and experienced Mercedes-Benz Salesperson, David Ruben, showed her the car, took her on a test drive and they eventually helped her pick out the right car with the right options. At that point, the lease deal was easy, she had done enough reading to know exactly what she needed and wanted. The rest is history.

Here is a copy of the customer survey every customer gets from MBUSA via email after buying any new or pre owned Mercedes-Benz from our dealership that she completed. All questions are based on a scale of 1 – 10.

Her sales person, David Ruben did a wonderful job showing her the car and explaining all of its features, and I was glad to see that the information on the blog was helpful to her as well.

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