SLS AMG Gullwing Delivered to Customer at Feldmann Imports

L to R: Dr. Scott Nyberg, Rick Engman, Dave Tobin

Last Thursday the gentleman who purchased the SLS AMG that arrived at the dealership a couple of weeks ago came in to pick up his new car. When you buy any new Mercedes-Benz your sales person is required to perform the delivery procedure with you, to show you how to operate the vehicle, the electronics, telematics, etc. I was happy to have been tapped to be a part of the delivery of this very special vehicle to its new owner, Dr. Scott Nyberg of Rochester, MN.

Rick Engman, the Mercedes-Benz shop foreman at Feldmann Imports and a Mercedes-Benz Master Technician and I were waiting by the car when Dr. Nyberg was done with the ‘formalities’ in the finance office. Rick and I took turns going over different features and characteristics of the car while Dr. Nyberg asked questions and listened attentively.

We popped open the hood and pointed out part of the exposed aluminum space frame of the car, total weight of the frame, just 534 Lbs. went over the engine and transmission. Under the hood, this car looks like no other street car I’ve ever seen. It looks more like a racing car, and in fact, the SLS AMG is essentially a racing car built for the street.

Dr. Nyberg had smile on his face from ear to ear the whole time, we all did really. Each delivery is different, some folks just want the keys and want to get on their way, others could care less about what’s under the hood, they might just want to know how the radio works and be done with it. Most Mercedes-Benz vehicles these days have lots of different systems that take some time to learn, this car was no exception.

Dr. Nyberg had great questions and was really engaged through the whole process. This car is really a “dream come true” for him he said. He had been exposed to some classic Mercedes-Benz vehicles growing up and had always loved the Mercedes-Benz 300SL “Gullwing” of the 1950s, now he has his own. He was familiar with much of the history and heritage behind that very special model and how this modern Mercedes-Benz draws on that lineage.

He plans to learn how to really DRIVE the SLS AMG as it was meant to be driven, first by attending the AMG Driving Academy and then perhaps some track events in the future. Of course I was sure to introduce Dr. Nyberg to the Mercedes-Benz Club as well. He is interested in joining the Twin Cities Section of the club and participating in rally and club social events… just in case he needs and excuse to take his new car out for a drive. We’ll look forward to seeing you at an event soon Scott!

About to drive off in his new SLS AMG.

In the end, Rick and I thoroughly enjoyed spending the better part of four hours with Scott and his new car. The three of us told cars stories, marveled at the SLS AMG and crawled all over it as if we were teenagers with the keys to dad’s new sports car. The three of us had smiles the whole time. I can’t think of a nicer guy to have worked with on this one. Scott will be a wonderful steward of this car for many years to come, I hope he enjoys it immensely. If owning a Gullwing was a lifelong dream of his, I suppose delivering one was a dream of mine. Who says real dreams don’t come true? From all of us at Feldmann Imports Scott, Thanks.

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