Bahn Storming Grocery Getter! 2011 Mercedes E Class Wagon Now In Stock!

Still in the wrapper!

I was surprised to see the black / black 2011 Mercedes-Benz E class wagon sitting in our back parking lot when I went out to do my daily walk around to see what came in over night, I wasn’t expecting this car for a couple of weeks… I love surprises!

This is the car that I wrote an entry about a couple of weeks ago, the first new E class wagon to arrive in our inventory. Here is a link to that article, it includes options, pricing, even the actual window sticker of this car and lots of other info.

E Class wagons are pretty rare, I think this is only the third E class wagon to arrive into our regular inventory since I started at Feldmann Imports two years ago… and of course, this is the first new body style wagon I’ve ever seen anywhere.

I don’t expect this car to last very long, it will be sold quickly, as there are so few of these around. It’s nicely equipped with the P1 Package, Sport Package, Wheel Package, it’s even got the Rear Entertainment Package… a far cry from my brother and I counting license plates in the back of our 1976 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme wagon!

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