Dave Needs Help from Readers to Name New Blog Category

I need some direction here, maybe you can help… What should I name this new category on the blog?

I’m planning on using this category, which I’ve aptly named “Help Name This Category”, go figure…  to post interesting, unique, nice, sought after, cars that are any marque other than Mercedes-Benz.  I’ve been sitting here for the better part of an hour trying to come up with a good name, now it’s 17 minutes past midnight and I’m going to call it a night.

I post interesting trade ins and other cars I think people might find interesting in the “New Arrivals” box at the top of the page, I’m thinking of going strictly Mercedes-Benz there… new and pre owned (can we call them used cars among friends?), used Mercedes-Benz.

It’s tough because I want this to be a catch all category for those really good deals, like a late model BMW convertible, or a 2009 Honda Accord that someone just traded in that you could save big money on over a new one… lots of regular cars, like these two Volvo Cross Country wagons that lasted less than a week in our inventory, but I also want to include cool, high end stuff, like the Aston Martin from last week. That’s why my initial thought of “Bargain Basement” won’t work. I was thinking… “Cars with Character” but not everything that ends up there isn’t neccesarily going to have a lot of character (Honda Accord?).

Maybe it ends up just being… “Other Stuff” – I was just hoping for something a little more catchy, but not too kitschy.

Use the comment box at the bottom of this page… if I use your name for the category I’ll post an entry of your car… or the car you’re still waiting to buy… or the car you want to buy someday.

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