Mercedes-Benz E Class Night View Assist Feature with the P2 Package

A reader wrote me yesterday after reading the article I posted on May 7th about the P1 and P2 packages on the new E class sedan from Mercedes-Benz.

A.V. Abraham writes:
“Please explain where is the night vision camera in the front of E350.I dont see it mentioned in P1 or P2.I have read articles saying that mercedes has this E350 of Yr 2010.” Thank you.

Thanks for your question Mr. Abraham. I found a car in our inventory with the Night View Assist feature and took some exterior pictures for you to illustrate exactly where the camera is.

Inside the car, built against the center of the winsheild.

Night View Assist PLUS with Pedestrian Detection is an enhanced system for 2010 model E and S class cars. Not only does it use the built in infrared camera to ‘illuminate’ what’s ahead at night and display it on your LCD instrument panel, but the Pedestrian Detection system will highlight figures, people, as they appear to the camera so you pay extra close attention.

While the Premium 2 Package (P2) is a pre-requisite to have the Night View Assist feature, the Night View Assist feature is NOT included in the P2 Package, it is a stand alone option. The Night View Assist feature uses some sensors and electronics that come in the P2 Package. Night View Assist is a stand alone option you can’t have without the P2 Package.

If this car weren’t so dirty after some rain we had last week, you’d be able to notice that the glass directly in front of these sensors does not have any of the tinting the rest of the glass in this car has. To be as clear as possible for the sensors and cameras they leave the tint off.

Close up of the cameras in the P2 E 350 with Nigh View Assist. Sorry, I didn't wash this car before taking these photos.

In the right light, at the right angle, you’ll also notice a square in the center of the windsheild down low, against the dash in the center of the windsheild without tint. This spot is for a radar detector, you see the same thing in the S class. The next time you’re looking at a new body style S class look for the different colored (clear) glass at the base of the windsheild, in the center.
So, there you have it… placement of the Night View Assist hardware. If I’m at work one of these nights real late when it’s dark, I will try to take some photos of the Night View Assist feature in action, shots of the actual display. 

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