The 2011 Mercedes E Class Convertible is HOT, Two Sold Today!

Sold! Lasted less than 48 hours in inventory!

I posted a little blurb about this 2011 E 550 cabriolet Launch Edition in the rare Olivine Grey yesterday. The E550 is clearly a hot car that people are interested in, they’re aren’t many around either. Read on…

I got a call from a woman this morning who had shown interest about 10 days ago in test driving an E 550 convertible, we didn’t have one at the time, nobody did. This morning about 10:30am I gave her a call to let her know we had one in stock.

“I’m so glad you called, I have been meaning to call you to see if you have one I can drive. Can I test drive it?” she asked.

“Of course you can drive it” I replied, “it’s sitting right outside, ready to go.”

She went on to explain to me that she visited another Mercedes dealer here in town and they wouldn’t take their E 550 off of the showroom floor for her to test drive, can you imagine, letting such a hot car just collect dust on a showroom floor? They’re meant to be driven!

So, between the time I hung up the phone with her about 10:35 and her arrival at about noon, our only E550 coupe sold to another interested party, showed up as sold in the computer at 11:34am. When I heard about this I cringed… she’s going to arrive, find out the car is sold, she’s going to be upset that the car is no longer available, we don’t have another to test drive… she’ll probably think I lied to her about the car being available just to get her to come in. I hate these sorts of situations.

Alas, my worries were unfounded. This nice lady was very understanding and we explained to her that we had another E550 cabriolet arriving in a couple of days, a black one. She really just wanted to drive it around the block, so she did, a quick test drive of the sold car around the block and her mind was made up.

She put a deposit on the black convertible that is arriving early next week, she’ll come in to pick it up the day it rolls off the transporter.

In the end, I suppose everyone was happy. I hope the E class convertibles keep rolling in!

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