P1 Package vs. P2 Package: 2010 Mercedes Benz E 350

To make building and ordering cars easier Mercedes-Benz generally bundles the most common options into two different “packages” for the 2010 model year, the Premium 1 Package (P1 Package), and the Premium 2 Package (P2 Package). This article will cover the P1 and P2 Packages as they relate directly to the 2010 E 350 Sedan. 

The other models in the Mercedes-Benz line differ a bit in terms of which options are included in each package, but most models follow the P1 / P2 convention.

 Across the board, the P1 Package carries a fairly long list of general convenience items. The P2 Package includes everythig in the P1 Package, plus a few more, sometimes larger option items.

Almost every new E class will have the Premium 1 Package. I’ve seen a couple without the P1 Package, but very few, maybe two or three ever. The P2 Package is actually fairly rare. For example, of the 30 or so E classes we have in stock at the moment only about 4 or 5 of them have the P2 package.

2010 E 350 Premium 1 Package Includes:
– COMAND system with 40GB hard-drive navigation
– Enhanced voice control for audio, telephone and navigation
– Gracenote media database
– HD Digital Radio
– harmon/kardon LOGIC7 surround-sound system with Dolby Digital 5.1
– Heated front seats
– iPod / MP3 media interface (in glovebox)
– Power rear sunshade
– Rear view camera
– SIRIUS Satellite Radio with SIRIUS real-time traffic service
– Zagat Survey restaurant guide (built into the nav system… no joke!)
– 6GB hard-drive with Music Register
COST: $3,950

That’s a long list, much longer than it’s been in the past. I was glad to see Navigation and heated seats included in the E 350 P1 package for 2010, as those were two of the most common stand along options requested by customers in years past.

In my opinion, if there was anywhere Mercedes-Benz lagged behind the competition in years past it was with their navigation systems. Finally, in about 2009 Mercedes-Benz came up with a Navigation system to challenge all other manufacturers!

The Nav system that’s being installed in Mercedes-Benz models today is leaps and bounds ahead of anything that’s come before it. Lexus, BMW, whoever.. they don’t have anything on the new Mercedes-Benz COMAND system. It’s absolutely state of the art, easy to use and intuitive.

LED Daytime running Lamps: On the lower front spoiler; The only exterior giveaway that this is a P2 car.

2010 E 350 Premium 2 Package Includes:
All items in the Premium 1 Package plus:
– Adaptive Highbean Assist
– Bi-Xenon headlamps with active curve illumination
– Electronic trunk closer
– Headlamp washing system
– LED Daytime Running Lamps
COST:  $6,350

The P2 Package brings some nice features to the E 350. I especially like the electronic trunk closer and KEYLESS GO system. Many people are surprised to see that Bi-Xenon headlamps (those blueish lights you see on the road at night) are not standard equipment on Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

The standard Xenon / Halogen lamps Mercedes-Benz installs as standard equipment in most models are some of the brightest lights of their kind ever made. It’s not like they’re old, yellow looking lights from the mid 1970s. I’ve actually had someone in oncoming traffic flash their lights at me one night thinking I had my brights on while driving a 2008 E class sedan. You’ll thank Mercedes for those lights when it’s time to repalce them, they are considerably less expensive than Bi-Xenon replacements.

Some people think that buying a more highly optioned car is better for “re-sale” value. In my experience, all else being equal, a pre owned P2 car doesn’t sell for that much more than a P1 car, maybe not more at all. If that’s the only reason for getting the bigger package I’d say skip it, I suppose if that’s how you have to justify the choice to your significant other, you could make the argument.

In the end, each potential Mercede-Benz buyer must weigh the options on the car vs. the price of those options and their specific needs and wants. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that everyone is different. What’s important to one person, the next could care less about. It’s all about what’s important to you.

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  1. Thank you for this. Have been racking my brain out comparing VIN decodes and this made it really clear and easy to understand.

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