Car And Driver Magazine Mercedes-Benz Buyer’s Guide Added to Dave Knows Cars Blog

I received an email yesterday from “Car And Driver” magazine. Their Digital Outreach Coodinator came across Dave Knows Cars and he sent me a link to the Car and Driver Mercedes-Benz Buyer’s Guide so I could take a look.

The buyer’s guide is a free resource that Car and Driver Magazine provides for its online readers that “contains detailed specifications, reviews, and also includes news features related to Mercedes vehicles.”

According to this gentleman Dave Knows Cars “readers would appreciate this resource, especially those considering making a new car purchase.” I had a look at the buyer’s guide and I tend I agree with him. I’ve added a link to the Car And Driver Mercedes-Benz Buyer’s Guide in the “Mercedes-Benz Links” list here on the Dave Knows Cars Blog.

To me, the Car And Driver Buyer’s Guide looks like a pretty good resource. It appears that they’ve cataloged all of the articles, reviews and roadtests that they’ve done for each Mercedes-Benz model in a database. You can essentially pick a Mercedes-Benz model and see all the articles and reviews that Car And Driver Magazine has done on that car over the past few years.

I think the mainstream motoring press does have a role to play in the automotive industry. I think automotive journalist reviews and road tests can help educate a potential car buyer, but one needs to make the decision as to what car they like, want and eventually buy based on how the car fits their own needs and how they personally feel about the car.

A screenshot from the Car And Driver Mercedes-Benz Buyers Guide.

A Car And Driver reviewer can say the E 350 has a “weak 3.5-liter V-6” but I’d challenge a potential buyer to actually drive the E 350 and decide for themselves.  

I’m about transparency and information, I think Car And Driver puts forth a wealth of knowledge with their Mercedes-Benz Buyer’s Guide,  I also think you have to keep in mind that reviews are subjective.

When you’re considering a new or pre owned vehicle refer to several sources for your research. Gather information, take a test drive, and decide what YOU like. What fits your budget? What do you really want or need? It’s your money, your car, and YOUR opinion that matters most.

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