2014 Mercedes E class Video Comparison! Differences Between 2014 Mercedes Benz E class E350 Sport and Luxury Models

Explore the differences between the 2014 Mercedes Benz E class Sport and Luxury models with this video from Dave Knows Cars! The new 2014 Mercedes Benz E classes are arriving at dealerships across the country. Mercedes Benz is offering something new for the 2014 model year, in conjunction with the serious E class facelift, they’ve started to offer two different models… A Luxury model and a Sport model.

The differences between the two cars are largely cosmetic, much like the C class cars from 2008 – present. There are slight suspension differences between the two cars, the Sport model sits several millimeters lower than the sport model and has slightly stiffer suspension, although the difference in ride quality is minimal, they are very similar.

They are identical in terms of dimensions and size, the two cars are differentiated by different body styling packages and wheels. The video here clearly demonstrates all the exterior differences between the cars.. from the front grilles to the rear tailpipes (or lack thereof on the Luxury model).

You can see by the photos of the original window stickers (below) of the cars featured in the video that there is no price difference between Sport and Luxury models. They cost the same, you simply decide whether you want a Sport model or a Luxury model.

Window sticker of the white car in the video, a 2014 Mercedes E350 Luxury model.
Window sticker of the Palladium Silver car in the video, a 2014 Mercedes E350 Sport model.

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