The Mercedes-Benz High Mileage Award, does your car qualify?

Walking through Feldmann Imports lot the other day I walked past an early nineties 300 E sedan that was in for service. It had a metal Mercedes-Benz Star and Lauren badge affixed to its grille, at the bottom if it was “250,000 KM”. I see such badges from time to time on service cars, it was a Mercedes-Benz Classic High Mileage Award.

If you’ve got more than 155,000 miles on your Mercedes-Benz, no matter what the age of the vehicle, our technicians can verify your odometer and you can apply for the badge.

The Mercedes-Benz Classic High Mileage Award is presented to owners whose vehicles have logged 155,000 miles or more.

Drivers receive a traditional Star and Laurel Badge and handsome display certificate in a formal presentation folder. Awards are presented at five vehicle mileage milestones.

Award Milestones
155,000 miles (250,000 kilometers)
312,000 miles (500,000 kilometers)
466,000 miles (750,000 kilometers)
625,000 miles (1,000,000 kilometers)
1,000,000 miles (1,610,000 kilometers)

Mercedes-Benz first introduced the High Mileage Award in the 1960s to recognize the many Mercedes-Benz vehicles that routinely travel hundreds of thousands of miles – some even eclipsing the million-miles mark.

The current Mercedes-Benz High Mileage champ is Gregorios Sachinidis, a Greek taxi driver who holds the known record of more than 2.8 million miles in his 1976 Mercedes-Benz 240D.

To apply for your Mercedes-Benz Classic High Mileage Award you can download an application at Mercedes Benz USA fill out the application and take your vehicle to an authorized Mercedes-Benz Dealer for odometer verification.

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