Dave Knows Cars Reader Scores GLK Rental Car

2010 Mercedes-Benz GLK available as a rental car in some markets.

I received an email from a Dave Knows Cars reader and Facebook fan today. In fact, he’s a good friend of mine from college. He travels a lot for work, overseeing the operations of a national building materials manufacturer. He spends a lot of time in warehouses, airports and rental cars… this week he got lucky and got a Mercedes-Benz GLK 350 as a rental car in Connecticut. I’ve pasted his email to me here so you can see his thoughts on the vehicle:

Hi Dave,

So somehow I got a GLK 350 yesterday as a rental car from Hertz with less then 2k miles on it. It actually worked out well, I flew into Hartford Connecticut and was driving over to Albany, NY for the day (about an hour and a half drive each way, couple hundred miles total).

The weather was bad, so I was happy to have an SUV, and what a nice one at that. I guess it’s been a while since I spent any time behind the wheel of a German automobile. The fit and finish was so solid, and talk about your creature comforts. I like that turnny knobby thing for controlling the stereo.

I think that the higher end car companies should work harder to get their cars in the rental pools. I mean honestly if I was in the market for a new ride, that drive yesterday would have done a lot to get me onto a Benz lot.

Unfortunately this nice score is probably going to be a big hit on the rental car karma and I’ll be in listening to AM radio in a yellow American made econo-box next week…

Technically, we¬† refer to the “turnny knobby thing for controlling the stereo,” as the Comand Controller, in any case, I’m glad he found it useful and intuitive. Since I’ve know him this gentleman has owned a Volkswagen Passat, a Mini Cooper S, and a variety of company cars, usually Chrysler SUVs. His wife is on her second or third Subaru. They seem like future GLK or ML owners to me… they just had their second child, a son. What better car to carry such precious cargo in than a Mercedes-Benz?

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