Iowa Couple Pleased with Purchase Become Repeat Customers

A hand written thank you note... a wonderful compliment.

I received this card from a couple in Iowa who came up to buy a Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz ML500 in February of 2009. The woman’s father, who lives in the Minneapolis area, came in during the week to have a  look at the particular SUV that she saw online.

The car passed the father’s initial test, and I guess I did too. His daughter and her husband drove up from Iowa that weekend and bought the car.

I stayed in touch with these nice folks throughout 2009, checking in with the husband from time to time, as he had expressed interest in replacing his Acura RL. He called me in December and we got to talking about Certified Pre-Owned E 350 4matic sedan options.

He saw a silver / black E Class on the Feldmann Imports website. I had a look at the car and talked to him about it, it was in nice shape, low miles, great price. He put a deposit on the car and came up a week or so before Christmas to buy it.

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